...and creativity as the best way to find inspiration and feed my imagination to uncover disruptive ideas that help me build bridges between what consumers want to hear and what my clients want to contribute to people's lives.


I consider myself a hybrid professional who combines equal parts account management and account strategy. I've always needed to go one step beyond mere account management and include strategic thinking...


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I've been working at agencies with different specialties for a decade now that have allowed me to deepen my knowledge about specific areas like below the line, brand activation, strategic planning, event organization, integrated marketing, digital marketing, and brand consulting.

Some of my clients over the last few years include Vodafone, Intel, Diageo, Coca-Cola Company, Randstad, the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism, and Trade, Grant Thronton, Sanofi, Abbvie, and Novartis.

Three years ago when I was working in London, I decided to give my career a more positive and valuable focus and I trained in UX Design and Design Thinking to give innovative, effective, and sustainable people-centric solutions to the projects I was involved in. 


This last year I entered the exciting world of entrepreneurship by creating my own brand activation agency with two partners. It has been hard yet gratifying work and a great journey of personal discovery.


On the way to becoming my own boss, I had the opportunity to work and live in Australia and here I am, anxious to know where my next adventure might lie.


My goal is to continue growing in a stimulating working environment with a collaborative culture where I can contribute solutions from a new perspective and to making projects a reality.

Please visit my LinkedIn if you’d like to see my full CV.




Hi! I’m Sara. I went to school to study advertising, I have the soul of a planner, I work to be an exceptional account manager, and I dream to be a design thinker. 


I believe empathy is the best tool to have on hand at work. Listening, standing in other peoples’ shoes, whether those people are colleagues, clients, or consumers, and understanding their needs is key for me.


I’m incredibly curious and observant; I like to understand what’s happening around me and see things from different perspectives to explore disparate creative and design processes.


I’m convinced that creativity is necessary in all aspects of life and especially important in problem-solving when projects are being created.  


I want to learn, grow, and develop in environments where innovation, visual beauty, and cooperative work is valued and encouraged and where I can contribute to making new projects happen.

Ten years' experience developing end-to-end advertising campaigns and brand consultancy in different areas and industries;

Comprehensive project management, from the first strategic and creative proposals to daily account supervision;


Independent enough to solve problems by myself and collaborative enough to be a key asset when working on a team;


Able to predict the client's future needs and build long-lasting relationships;


Highly focused on detecting new opportunities and offering improvement solutions through strategic recommendations;


I enjoy working on projects where I can have direct contact with the target we're working towards, like in qualitative research and events;


I’m good at coordinating several projects and priorities at once and I have experience giving shape to creative content and leading internal and external discussions.


I´m a hybrid professional with a wealth of experience in advertising account management and a particular passion for creative strategy.